Thursday, 4 April 2013

Must Try Harder... Words From A Lazy Blogger

So, I’m a terrible blogger, I have these great intentions, these great ideas, and they remain intentions… and ideas.

Thinking back what could I have written about? Well lots, all these things I would have loved to share, that I tell strangers in the street, dog stuff, important stuff, which in my life is primarily dog stuff.

Barry & Mars The Day After Mars Joined Us
I was about to say that my dogs don’t rule my life but that would most likely be untrue. I have a ‘doggie business’, I’m woken up by my dogs and I kiss them goodnight, I talk to them even when I know everyone is listening and my time is all theirs.

So I guess I should start with the dogs in question.

Barry & Mars are two very different dogs, and they have both taught me very different things about myself.

Barry our first dog taught me that I could love and laugh even when my most favourite things had been 'Barried'. He taught me that you can be happy, even if everything has gone horribly wrong, because your dog wants you to be.

Barry taught me that patience isn’t a virtue it’s a necessity, and once you have patience you’ll see you have plenty of other virtues.

Mars arrived with us at nine months old. We went back to our breeder and asked if she knew of a dog who would make a cracking playmate for Barry. Turned out she did and Mars came to us, a bundle of ‘play’, desperate for round the clock cuddles but miles away from our overtly confident and undeniably demanding Barry. Mars gave me a new perspective, quieter and more reserved, I think it was a few weeks until we saw him shining through.

As They Are Now
Mars has taught me that we can all grow and adjust. We watched him hide behind Barry and we saw Barry grow stronger with his best friend behind. Mars took a while to find his ‘voice’ he now yodels and dances with excitement and would make any of you smile with a dance! He’s a soft soul, he reminds you that raised voices have no place in a happy home. 
Mars spent some time in a different home before he came to us and it didn't work out, just says to me that some dogs just need to find their perfect home & their perfect people.

If you already have your perfect match then lucky you. If you're thinking about going on that journey, enjoy it, we did.

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